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about interon design


Since 2000, interon design of Louisville, KY has provided clients with fast, functional and effective:

The web design and web management services of Louisville Kentucky's interon design allows clients to maximize their Internet presence by meeting the goal-driven demands of today's online visitor.


John Giovenco, President of interon design

John Giovenco, President

In 2000, a friend and I decided to start a website related to a common interest. We decided that in order to finance our venture, we would create a few websites for others. The first four businesses we approached with the idea hired us. We quickly decided we were on a promising new course.

Less than a year later, my partner, a chemical engineering PhD candidate at the time, decided he needed to focus on his studies and pursue a career in the field that he had spent the better part of his life studying. (He is now a University of Louisville professor).

Suddenly flying solo, I was excited at the prospect of doing something totally new. Fortunately I had some good influences and experiences early on, which have helped shape the direction of my designs and company philosophy.

company philosophy

interon design operates under these guiding principles:

  • Fast
  • Functional
  • Effective

Too often the bells and whistles of the site design get in the way of the message. Visitors won't care about the dazzling design if the site takes too long to download, or they can't find the information they are looking for.

customer service

Early on in my dealings with potential clients I began hearing the recurring refrain I am unhappy with my current web manager because I can never get him to call me back. Coming from a service related background; good, prompt customer service is a no-brainer.

I guess we are doing something right, because those original four clients are still with us, as well as local Louisville and regional industry leaders and non-profits, national and international businesses.

Contact interon design to find out how a well executed website allows even the smallest company to achieve the same presence and exposure as their largest competitors.